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Downloads [[Sims 2]]

A place where you can find all of my downloads for The Sims 2. It's a work in progress, I wasn't very careful when uploading and naming items so its all kind of hard to decipher in my box account. Please bare with me.

Face Templates

Butterflies and Hurricanes


Bulletproof Heart Default Custom Genetic and Townie Vampire Default

Hollowpoint Smile Custom Genetic and Townie

Remified Hair

Peggy 090323
Peggy 100420
Rose 104
Peggy 6138
Rose 79
Raon 68
Helga 89
Peggy 4669
Peggy 090323
Peggy 6787
Helga Bun Hair
Coolsims 84
Trapping Wildfire 3t2
Trapping Bohotails 3t2
Peggy April Gift
Skysims 20 MtF
Cazy 61
Peggy 100327
Newsea Guajira
Newsea Bluebird
Tenshi Cornrows
Helga Male hair One
Newsea Dove
Newsea Ballet
Marja Long Hair 3t2
Newsea Sunkiss
Tenshi Cornrows female
Newsea Champagne
Trapping Wildfire female
Blown back gel 3t2
Newsea love and kiwi
Raon 65
Peggy 7283
Raon 63
Peggy 6969
Peggy 111206
Peggy 4793
Raon 58
Peggy 7306
Raon 59
Cazy Aphrodite
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